Star fruit is really a five pointed fruit, also is referred to as a carambola. This fruit ranges in flavor from slightly sweet to sour and tart. The greater yellow a star fruit is, the sweeter its flavor is going to be. The fruit are delicate and bruise easily so be cautious together.

They are utilized in soup recipes, salad recipes and also to make tarts or curries. Due to their attractive star shape whenever you slice them over the middle, star fruit are frequently utilized as a garnish. You are able to slice and saute star fruit like a simple side dish or give a couple of slices to some meat or fish and vegetable stir fry for color and flavor.

The fruit isn’t a very sweet fruit, meaning it’s ideal to make use of in savory recipes when you wish a semi-sweet flavor. Obviously, you should use bananas, apples along with other sweet fruits in savory recipes too however the tart, slightly sour flavor of star fruit causes it to be well suited for using in recipes in which you want only a hint of sweetness or fruity flavor.

This fruit continues to be grown for hundreds of years throughout southeast Asia but it’s a comparatively recent accessory for western cuisine. When looking for star fruit, you need to pick one, that is vibrant yellow, firm to touch and aromatic.

Recipe for Red Snapper Soup with Star Fruit

This recipe makes enough for everyone six people and also the mixture of fish with star fruit is amazing. Chilies, lemongrass, garlic clove, ginger root along with other ingredients complement the general flavor of the tasty dish which soup recipe is elegant enough for everyone at a cocktail party or formal gathering.

You’ll need:

2 chopped tomato plants

two tablespoons vegetable oil

2 sliced cloves garlic clove

1/2 inch piece peeled, sliced ginger root

Shells from 4 1/2 cups shrimp

1 lb finely sliced red snapper fillets

2 sliced Thai chili peppers

2 peeled, sliced shallots

2 thinly sliced star fruits

1 stalk lemongrass

1 halved lime

10 cups water

Salt and pepper, to taste

Cilantro leaves, for garnish

Steps to make it:

Heat the oil more than a high temperature inside a big pot and add some shells from the shrimp. Prepare them for a few minutes, stirring constantly. Add some garlic clove, ginger root, and shallots and prepare for any couple of more minutes, or before the shrimp shells are golden brown. Add some water, tomato plants, chilies, and lemongrass and produce the mix to some boil.

Turn lower heat and simmer the soup uncovered until it’s reduced by half. This can take around an hour. Strain the broth and give it back towards the pot. Add pepper and salt to taste.

Heat the broth to some simmer adding the red snapper and star fruit slices. Squeeze the lime juice in to the soup, after which add some lime towards the pot. Allow the soup simmer before the fish is cooked. This can just take a few momemts. Take away the lime shells and serve the soup using the cilantro leaves scattered regarding this for garnish.