Asians represent about 33% from the entire Maui population, and Maui Asian restaurants provide the unique and piquant dishes from varied Asian groups. A few of the Asian restaurants in Maui include Japanese, Filipino, Vietnamese, Korean, and Thai restaurants. Though not every Asian dishes might be provided by a cafe or restaurant, anticipate getting mouth-watering, authentic Asian dishes in best Maui Asian Restaurants such as the two below.

Probably the most popular Japanese restaurants in Maui, Tokyo, japan Tei is situated at 1063 Lower Primary Street. Serving Asian dishes since 1935, Tokyo, japan Tei offers a multitude of Japanese dishes having a Maui flair. During World war 2, the restaurant’s name was altered to Rainbow Grill but was altered to Tokyo, japan Tei soon after world war 2 ended. On your wall from the restaurant hangs a photograph of John F. Kennedy, who visited center in 1959. Tokyo, japan Tei’s menu includes dry mein, teriyaki, miso fish, sashimi, somen, and tonkatsu. Drinks include wine, beer, iced teas, whiskey, and Japanese hot sake. Dishes and drinks are budget-friendly, beginning at $7.75. Tokyo, japan Tei offers catering services too.

In southeast Maui in Kihei at 2349 S Kihei Road, Maui Thai serves spicy Thai foods. Maui offers different amounts of spiciness, so visitors can order mild, medium, hot plus, and hot plus plus. Maui Thai’s menu includes Thai spring roll, eco-friendly papaya salad, tomu yummy, ginger root coconut, Thai beef steak, pad thai noodles, pan fried noodles, different types of grain (Jasmine, wheat brown, and Thai sticky grain). Different curries the restaurant serves include Thai eco-friendly curry, red curry, yellow curry, peanut curry, matsaman curry, and red pineapple curry. Maui Thai also serves lots of fish dishes and vegetable dishes. Center also provides discount rates along with other promos so you’re able to enjoy their authentic Thai food at cheaper prices.