“Steroids” commonly referred to as “Anabolic Steroids” or “Corticosteroids” (as a classification) are Synthetic (or artificial) substances related to the male sex hormone Testosterone and promote the growth of Skeletal muscle (also referred to as the Anabolic effects) as well as the male sexual characteristics (known as the Androgenic effects). Anabolic Steroids are more properly known as Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS). In fact it can be concluded that Steroids owe the credit of their foundation to the hormone Testosterone.

If there is an advantage to be had… people will find it and grab hold of it. And steroids were no exception to this. In 1849, Arnold Adolph Berthold, a person we may refer to as the Father of the modern endocrinology, removed testicles from cockerels and concluded that this removal indeed led to the loss of male characteristics, which furthered the understanding (and other avenues of importance) of the male testicles, which established that they make men, men. It was the German chemist Adolf Butenandt, who, based on Berthold’s experiment, found a way to find and purify the hormone Androstenone from urine, a groundbreaking achievement paving way to the beginning of a breakthrough. The German chemist Leopold Ruzicka developed means to synthesize Testosterone and along with Butenandt synthesized the first batch of testosterone in the year 1935, a discovery so profound that both of them were the recipients for Nobel Prize in chemistry in the year 1939.

Research continued and by 1940’s Anabolic steroid use had become common place in few countries. The discovery of methandrostenolone a.k.a Dianabol and its approval for human use by FDA in 1958 opened the door for thousands of experiments for synthesizing Anabolic steroids and their derivatives.

As of Today, there are 32 different types of steroids including injectable steroids commonly used (and some more that are a bit rare).

Something that turned out as a discovery, also provided different ways of administering as well like Pills that could be taken orally, injectable, creams/gels so that tropical application would also be covered in case you prefer using them for cosmetic purposes when you are not using them for muscle building/performance enhancing.

The Rise of Steroids

Although steroids (even today) are used to treat a variety of conditions (sometimes secondary line of treatment, whereas, sometimes the primary mode),The healing benefits of Steroids have largely been overlooked and benefits especially those facilitating the growth of skeletal muscles and the derived enhancement in sports have been exploited early on by athletes. In fact in the 1960s, it was an open secret that if you had a taste for anabolic steroids, then there was something definitely for you.

Once the potential of steroids for enhancing performance was established, the use became widespread, especially in bodybuilding, the main reason perhaps was because of the fact that bodybuilding has traditionally been defined as the use of progressive resistance exercise to develop a person’s muscularity, which when coupled with the role (or benefit) of Anabolic steroids in the growth of skeletal muscle emphasized their importance especially in the arena of professional bodybuilding.