Dry dog food has a few good advantages over canned and wet foods. Firstly, it’s great for dental health and is a perfect choice for almost any breed. Secondly, dry food is cheaper. If you stay out of home for the entire day, you never need to worry about your dog’s nutrition or diet. Dry food can be stored easily, and you can keep the food in an open bowl for easy access for hours, if not days. Searching for the best dry dog food? We have a few suggestions for help.

Selecting a food

With numerous brands, selecting between dog foods can be a little tricky. Keep in mind that your dog’s age, genetics, lifestyle habits, and reproduction cycle can have a big say in the final choice. The best idea is to check with your local vet. He may have a few suggestions for certain health conditions, and if required, he might even suggest additional supplements and treats. If you are concerned about the options, there are many online sites, where you can find detailed comparison between the top rated brands.

The ideal inclusions

Dry dog food should have a good balance between macronutrients. Dogs are carnivores, and they need a big amount of protein each day. Try to read the labels to understand the protein details, which should ideally include beef and chicken. Just ‘meat’ on the label is a sign of poor manufacturing standards. For canine health, amino acids in the protein are extremely important, and if a brand has more than one source of animal protein, it’s always better.  Contrary to what people believe, grains are actually good for your dog and are a good source of carbohydrates.

Things worth avoiding

High end dry foods for dogs don’t have a lot of byproducts. It is important to understand that byproducts aren’t necessarily bad, but these shouldn’t be in high percentage in a good dog food. Also, it is almost impossible to understand the kind and nature of byproducts used. The first five ingredients of the dog food should not be byproducts – Go with that rule. Also, be careful about animal fat in dry dog food. There’s no way to check if they are using genuine fat sources.

Check for the best brands now, and don’t miss on reading the smaller details on the label. Your pet’s nutrition should always be your first priority, so don’t settle for discounts and cheaper products.