The meat product which is prepared from the cured pork is known as bacon. For curing process, they usually use large quality of salts. After that in cold air, the fresh bacon is dried for weeks and months or else it is smoked or boiled. After completion of all this process, they can be cooked and eaten. Mostly, everyone like eating bacon. Everyone is making bacon but out all of them only a very few knows how to cook it properly, the way it supposed to be cooked.  If it is cooked properly and systematic, the way it has to be cooked than it will be the supplement with all the meals and will be very delicious in taste. Cooking bacon is an art, therefore for cooking bacon there are few steps and methods.


When it comes to the point of cooking bacon in microwave, the methods to be followed are as follows if you are in a busy schedule or have very less time than for quick cook of bacon, this is the best method. For this you have to have to use bacon racks especially having runoff drainable system. This drainable system will help you out in draining the extra grease that will come while cooking the bacon. You can cook by another method also in the microwave, that is in the plate place three layer of paper towel on which you can layer your bacon strips side by side. And again on the top just to cover the strips lay another layer of paper towel. And allow to cook the every single slice of the bacon strip at least for one minute, for getting best results. By this process making bacon is a very simple, easy and quick process. Not only this but instead bacon can also be cooked by using many other process and cookers. The second process is frying it in a skillet. In this process, the bacon is fried in its own grease due to which most of the people like this technique and love to eat bacon in this style.

In this method the bacon strips are laid out on a large and flat skillet  in such a way that they don’t overlap with each other. Because if they get overlapped than part or portion of the bacon remain uncooked, which is just a waste. And one can never even cook a small quantity in this process because there wouldn’t be enough grease from bacon to bacon. Therefore it is always recommended especially for this process that they should cooked in a large amount or quantity. Always in this process, the first step is that the bacon should be first set in the counter for a short period, never thrown cold bacon directly in the skillet. And after that one can proceed to cook. By doing so the fat in the bacon gets loosen up and comes to a natural and softer state. At room temperature, the strips should be placed in the pan and at medium heat they should be cooked, so that they get cooked gradually and evenly. And by doing so it will avoid burning of bacon.